Wednesday, February 11, 2015

One Cup Coffeemaker Review



 Yesterday morning hubby announced that my Cuisinart SS-700 Single Serve Coffeemaker was officially kaput.  He took it apart, blew out all the lines, cleaned the filters, it was the pump, it was dead, Fred!  My gut reaction was to go screaming through the streets, because this is the 3rd Cuisinart SS-700 that has bit the dust.  That’s right, the third!!!  The first two broke within a short window and Kohl’s replaced them, this one has been chugging along since 2012, and research says that the life of these machines is about three years, I guess it was time.

So yesterday I was on a mission.   I had a $55 credit at Kohl’s, and a 30% off coupon, but they had jacked the price on the SS-700’s up to $269 and it was only available in black, they no longer carry it in silver.  Well, black + yours truly = disaster.  I detest black appliances, they show spots and I’ve got better things to do than wash the darn thing daily.  That’s why I went to K-Cups in the first place, convenience and no clean-up except for sporadic maintenance.  So Kohl’s was out, I’ll just use that $55 credit for some new jeans.

Now being the logo queen that I am, I did go to Starbucks and check out their Vessimo.  After all they have a retro one that is pretty cute!


It also makes expresso and latte’s, but that’s where the wow factor ends.  Here’s the cons:

  • It has a 33 ounce water storage capacity.  My Cuisinart has an 80 ounce, resulting in almost three times less to fill the tank than the Vessimo.
  • It only uses Starbucks pods.  They don’t have a large selection, and here’s the worse part, the darn things are $.99 each.  That’ way more spendy than buying my favorite Green Mountain Breakfast Blend at Sams in the bulk.  I don’t want to spend a dollar for every cup of coffee I make at home.
  • It only says Vessimo on the top, nowhere does it say Starbucks.  Now this is the deal breaker, I know, I know, it’s ridiciulous and I’m just kidding, well, sorta.  I talked to their customer service rep yesterday and informed them that they need to come out with a white unit with the retro Starbucks Logo plastered on the side.  Now how cool would that be?  I would be all over that in a New York minute! She was probably laughing her rear off when she hung up the phone, but I just had to throw that out there, being the mouthy old(er) broad that I am.

Next is the Keurig.  Now I don’t want to offend anyone, probably 99% of people who read this and have K-Cup coffeemakers have a Keurig.  And they’re really good units, they really are.  But for some reason they don’t appeal to me, it’s all about the appearance.


It’s not a bad looking brewer, but it’s too futuristic looking for my taste.  And yes, I know it comes in red, but it just doesn’t ring my chimes.  Just a matter of taste.   Keurig’s look great in other people’s kitchens, they’re just not for me.

And now for the not so trustworthy Cuisinart.


I’m sure a lot of you think the Cuisinart is ugly, but for me it’s the best option, there aren’t a lot to choose from.  And it’s familiar, I like the look of it, the square lines instead of being round, and most of all I like the color and the backlighting.  I like how it makes a cup of coffee faster than the Keurig, too.  I just don’t like the fact that it’s undependable.  But doing my research, I’m finding that none of them are that reliable.  And it’s been a few years now, hopefully they are doing a better job with them.  

The price for the 80 oz. Keurig and the 80 oz. Cuisinart is pretty much the same, they’re both top of the line, so you’re gonna pay too much for them.  But that’s what you have to do to get that 80 ounce reservoir.  And where did I find the best price, good old Amazon Prime of course, $184.42.  Ouch, it’s spendy but it’s a must have.  I’m drinking a cup of leftover Starbucks from yesterday this morning and it just isn’t cutting it.  One more day and this little beauty will arrive in Heavensville, and will be plugged in and brewing a great cuppa joe.

So now I’ll go on to my next rant, I’m sure I have one.  I know you can’t wait...


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