Thursday, February 12, 2015

Martha Stewart and Johnson's Baby Oil, My Find of the Week...


Martha Stewart Living is revealing her beauty secrets,  Well, you have to admit, whether you’re a fan or not, she is 73 years old and looks good.  I know, I know, she’s had work, but it’s good work!

Anyhoo, she said in an article in Martha Stewart Living that she uses baby oil and a warm washcloth nightly to remove makeup and moisturize her face.  So I gave it a try last night, oh it was wonderful, it smelled divine, and did a great job, this one’s a keeper for sure.  And this isn’t the only thing that I’ve learned from Martha, a few years ago she said that “Brown Down” was one of her favorite MAC Shadow shades.  So of course, I bought it right away, and she’s right, it is a good thing.  But then, Martha is always right, isn’t she, just ask her.  Bad Jan, Bad Jan...

Here’s a link to the entire article, the woman gets up at 4am, holy schmoly, what discipline!


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