Thursday, February 19, 2015

This Siberian cold front is brutal, BRUTAL!!!!


Okay, so it’s cold, and we have snow, and did I mention that it’s cold???

We have had such a mild winter, we’re spoiled, but boy did we get blasted this week.  Hubby and I ran errands yesterday, it was so windy that the blowing snow felt like needles piercing our skin.  And this morning it was -4.  Brrrrrrrr...

Oh, whine, whine.  It will be over soon, spring is only a month away.  When Abby was two, she was visiting and was playing barefoot by the creek on March 17th.  Seems unreal, but it the weather was wonderful. 

What can we expect this year?  Mother always said, early Easter, early Spring.  And Easter is April 5th.  A girl can only dream...


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