Friday, December 19, 2014

Trisha Yearwood's Slow Cooker Candy


No, I’m NOT making this, but I want to!

So I’m watching FoodTV yesterday and Trisha was stirring up a batch of this candy.  It was super simple, and it looks amazing.  But wait, all’s not perfect, the reviews were mixed. some people say their peanuts burnt.  But maybe they didn’t have the greatest slow cooker, or maybe they cooked it too long.

Yours truly has a mother of a slow cooker  AND a timer, but i’m STILL not making these.  And why not, if it’s so darned easy and I have a great crockpot???  Because… read my lips - I . DO . NOT . NEED . THESE . ! . ! . !

But some of you might feel differently, so go ahead, knock yourself out.  These tasty little morsels of delicious decadence should be good for at least a 4-5 lb. weight gain.

Here’s the recipe, Mikey, you try it!!!  And, if you live close, you could bring me just one, okay two, since I would have to share with LC.  

Wanna borrow my crockpot?


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