Thursday, November 20, 2014

Bill Cosby, Ad Nauseam!!!!!!


Okay, I’m on a rant this morning, just seeing red and have to get this off my chest.  I’m watching GMA and they have a clip from three weeks ago of Bill Cosby sitting down for an interview with his wife, his long suffering wife, and she’s just grinning from ear to ear like everything is hunky-dory in their marriage.  The reporter starts questioning him about the alleged sexual assaults and he refuses to answer over and over again, then he goes on to badger the interviewer, trying to get him to not release the tape. And there she sits, with that smile pasted on her face.

Now my problem isn’t with Cosby as much as it is with his wife, the man apparently is not the Cosby we thought we knew, if the allegations are true, he’s a criminal!  He had power, abused it and got caught with his hand in the cookie jar, albeit it, a stale cookie jar.  In my opinion, the old fool should just stay home and shut up! 

But what is this woman doing, sitting there beside him presenting a united front!  She looks like more of a fool  than he does.  It’s such a pattern, all the politicians, sports figures, etc., they admit their transgressions on camera with their wives next to them, “standing by their man."

Why????  Camille Cosby is a rich woman, why, why, why is she sitting there with him when he is in so much hot water he’s boiling.  Because he told her to???  Where is her pride, where’s her backbone ?  She doesn’t need his money, why doesn’t she just kick him to the curb and let him fight his own battles.  

Is it position, status?  Well that’s all gone to hell in a hand basket, and this morning more women are stepping up to the plate, accusing him of sexual abuse.

Totally infuriates me, totally!

Okay, I’m done, I’ll go back to my nonsense, just had to put in my two cents worth!


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