Thursday, August 21, 2014

Making Summer Memories

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I continue to be a huge, huge fan of HGTV’s The Fixer Upper with Chip and Joanna Gaines, and of course I love her blog.  She had a post this week about celebrating family and one of the things they did at the dinner table was to talk about their favorite summer memories.

And now that summer is almost over, I have a few of my own and of course most of them revolve around grandchildren.

So let’s gather around this picture of Joanna’s table and I’ll tell you a few of mine.

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Baby Lexi visiting us for the first time at at a month old, and early mornings when John would bring her and put her in bed with me so Mama could rest.  I would feed her and lay her on a pillow and just watch her sleep.

Abby’s annual summer visit.  Watching her excitement at finding pirate treasure every day she was with us, seeing her interact with my friends, introducing her to Grammie’s favorite place, the river, taking her to Burdette Park to feed the ducks.   After she left hubby and I relived her visit over and over again.

Ben, our sweet, giggling, laughing little boy who loves to ride on the golf cart.  Saying the phrase “cock-a-doodle-do" and hearing him always repeat “Bob” afterward and then bursting into laughter every single time.  Watching his love of the outdoors, playing with a ball and running full steam ahead, his short little legs churning as fast as they would go.

Our “summer project" landscaping our walk and watching the flowers grow.  It has been so much fun, having early breakfast outside most mornings, just sitting at the little bistro table, drinking my coffee, watching the butterflies and honeybees flitting around and the finches lighting on the coneflowers, it’s just so pretty and serene.

Spending as much time as possible outdoors because we’ve had such wonderful weather.  Lots of evening rides on the golf cart, talking with neighbors, just doing the simple things, living in the moment and enjoying nature.

And summer’s not over yet, there’s still time to make more memories.  Make every day count ladies, we never know what tomorrow will bring...

If you want to read Joanna’s entry about Celebrating Family, here’s a link to her blog.

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