Thursday, July 17, 2014

I did it, I bought a Vitamix!


I’ve loved the Vitamix for years, drooled over them, read about them extensively, but just could never pull the plug and spend the big bucks.  But a few weeks ago, I decided the time is right.  Hubby and I eat healthy, this is just the next step for our lifestyle, incorporating more nutritious foods into our diet.

But lawdee, I’ve never had so  many people express strong opinions about a purchase in my lifetime.  The reaction by family and friends was either VERY positive or VERY negative. This is not just a blender, folks,  I did the research, I knew what I was doing.

But I had to have a deal, I always want a deal, it’s the thrill of the chase, it’s in my blood.  Vitamix does not discount, ever, period!  The only deals to be had are refurbished or taking your chance with open box ones on eBay.  I plan on never buying another one, just like my trusty Cuisinart from 1978 that is still going strong to this day, and I wanted a good return policy in case the naysayers were right.

4th of July weekend Williams-Sonoma had their annual 20% off Made in America sale.  Well, Vitamix is handmade in Ohio, but when I called them, they said no can do, they never discount Vitamix and there should be a disclaimer on their website.  Well, there wasn’t!  I looked, the customer service rep looked, there was nothing.  So then I nicely asked her if I could please talk to her supervisor.  This isn’t my first rodeo, when something is offered, the company should make good and WS is the best of the best.  It was evening, her supervisor was at dinner, so she took my number, and in an hour she called back and said they would honor the discount and give me free shipping.  SCORE!!!!

But then we were going to the kids for several days to babysit the grands, so I had to delay shipment.  Finally it arrived, the 750 Pro Series, Candy Apple Red beauty of my dreams.  Yep, I got the latest and greatest, the model with all the presets. I’m just doing this once, I wanted the bells and whistles.  I opened it washed it, immediately made hubby a lemonade slushy, then I made a green smoothie (spinach leaves, flax seeds, strawberries, blueberries, almond milk and half a frozen banana, and all I can say is awesome!  Simply amazing!  And as for those presets, a lot of people on the forums say they don’t need them, but you turn it on, walk away, it does the work and you don’t have to guess.  The thing even has a self wash cycle.  Works for me!!!

And what am I making in it today? Salad dressing with ground chia seeds and also soup, cauliflower bisque.  You put in the ingredients, it runs for four minutes, turns itself off and you have hot soup.  And tomorrow who knows, maybe I’ll make almond butter to go with my flax crackers.

And now for the verdict.  I’ll give it thirty days to be sure, but so far the naysayers lost.  This thing exceeds even my finicky expectations. The Gadget Queen hit the motherlode!

What a powerhouse this machine is, better yet, what a deal it was!!!!


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