Sunday, June 29, 2014

Sometimes you really need your mother....


When I was a little girl mother always made blackberry dumplings in the summertime.  Oh, they were so good, fresh berries, simmered in a buttery, sugary syrup, then squares of pie crust dropped into the boiling liquid, soft, tender squares of dough, simmered and served over ice cream, oh my.

So I’m going to make them this weekend, but I don’t have her recipe.  Oh, the things I wish I could ask her.  I no longer have her, but I do have cousin Phyllis, who I messaged this morning, she’ll know how to make them.  Famlilies are the best!

And when I make them, I’ll be sure and post to Jan CAN Cook, so that I will always have the recipe.  Some of you might like to try them as well, it’s comfort food at it’s finest.  A lot of people make drop dumplings and plop them by spoonfuls into the liquid, Mother never did, they’re too puffy and doughy if you drop them, but if you use pie crust, they’re just perfect.

And no, I’m not going to use Pillsbury Already Piecrust, hubby is not a fan, I like it but he doesn’t.  Luckily, Lindsay brought me a couple of discs of her crust the last time she visited and I have them in the freezer.  Linds makes the best pie crust, seriously good, even better than mother made.  It really is…..


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