Tuesday, May 27, 2014



Butterbean, our lop eared bunny loves to hang out on the patio.  Yeah, umhmmmm, what he really  loves to do is eat my herbs!  We let him out of his hutch, the patio is enclosed, so he can romp and play, and we stay out there with him, but sometimes we get busy and go in the house and that little scamp is into everything when left by himself.

But he’s just the cutest little guy, I’ll take pictures of him soon and post them, he follows us around the patio like a puppy.  If you’re planting flowers, he’s peering into the hole, when you sit in a chair, he stretches out besides you, then he spins and runs back and forth as fast as he can, sniffing everything in his path, no doubt scoping out his next snack!

So yesterday LC and I were in the house, Butterbean was on the patio having himself a full fledged meal.  He ate the tops out of my basil, no doubt his herb of choice.  And he not only ate the tops out of then, he was sitting in the next pot doing it, totally mashing my chives.  Well, I guess he did have to be comfy.

Oh that little stinker, but he’s such a funny wabbit...


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