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So last week hubby and I are tooling down the road, off to run some daily errand, and I’m talking to my buddy V on the phone.  Yes, I know, I’m always talking on my phone.  We’re having yet another discussion about my patio and how I don’t want to spend thousands on outdoor furniture when summer in Heavensville  strikes with an early vengeance and we can’t sit outside anyway.  We usually have a nanosecond in May when outdoor living is a possibility.

I have Adirondack chairs, they’re ancient, but still look pretty good and I like quirky in the garden.  Whimsy is much  more entertaining to me than elegant. V is telling me that maybe I should think about buying an Adirondack glider to go with the chairs, and I’m thinking that’s a great idea, I do love a glider.

And then hubby piped in saying, “there’s one, right there in the trash!”  Now had I been younger, I would have been horrified at the thought of getting something out of the trash, but I’ve had many a rodeo with this man and I know his capabilities.

Photo 3

So we come to a screeching halt, he trudges off to the back yard in search of the owner, an 80 something year old man who has had the glider for years.  My estimate would be circa 1960’s.

He was glad to be rid of the thing and, I was already thinking of the possibilities, so LC threw it in the back of the Jeep and we were off to the races.

Now, looking at this picture, I admit, it looks pretty bad.  Okay, it looks like a piece of junk, and it leans sideways, you can’t even sit in it for fear of it crashing to the ground.  But it does glide, and I’ve learned to never underestimate hubby.  The weather has been just gawdawful in Heavensville, we’ve had rain for the past seven days and more coming today, so his project has been on hold.

In the meantime, he’s purchased new wood, new paint, and the total refurb for this is $30.  Wow, what I deal, or is it?  Will it look awesome, or will it still look like a piece of junk.

Time will tell. Check back and  I’ll update you when the project is completed...

~ Jan ~


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