Saturday, April 5, 2014

The things Abby says...


We were visiting the grands a couple of weeks ago, and Abby carries this Encylopedia of Animals everywhere.  She’s read the whole thing and not only is she fascinated by it, she also quizzes you on it.  Unfortunately for me, she knows far more about animals than I ever thought about knowing.  It’s hard to bluff a four and a half year old, too!

Abby:  Grammie, did you know armadillos curl into a ball?

Me:  Uh, no Abby, I didn’t know that.

Abby:  Grammie do you know what a baby kangaroo is called?

Me:  Uh, I know that, uh, I do, just let me think a minute

Abbie:  (rolling eyes)  It’s called a Joey, Grammie

Me:  Oh yes, a Joey, I knew that, Abby, really I did!

Abbie:  And did you know that a Joey lives in a pouch in it’s mommy’s tummy, Grammie, and it feeds off her breast!

Me:  Ya, uh-huh, okay, Abby, sure...

Fast forward to yesterday when Lindsay posted on her Facebook page about Abby memorizing commercials.  She knows them verbatim, and apparently she told a lady in Trader Joes that she and her mama were going to The Liquor Barn because it’s the number one source for party supplies in Lexington!

I love posting Abbyisms,  when she’s grown and has children of her own, she will read these entries and be fascinated at what she was doing at this age.


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