Monday, April 14, 2014

Nightgowns, a blast from the past...

Beloved favorites2


The Vermont Country Store has some new products, and of course I was totally enchanted.  I love their nightgown selection.  It reminds me of the gowns of my childhood.  My buddy V had this to say when I sent her the link. 

"It makes me think of taking a bath and getting into bed with clean nighty on a summer day, and listening to a lawmower off in the distance through the open window"

Eileen West Floral Print Nightgown | Garden of Dreams Cotton Lawn Gown

This is the one that brought back so many memories.  Mother used to make my nightgowns and they were very similar to this.  There was nothing in the world better than a fresh nightgown dried on a clothesline, oh the smell of it.  *sigh*

The only thing that’s changed is the price, this little bit of nostalgia will set you back $74.00

$74.00 YIKES!!!!!!!!!!

Here’s the link to their selection.  You have to be of a certain age to appreciate these, but this is what girls used to wear to bed...


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