Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Goodbye GMA, it's been a good run, but.....



Okay, I’ve gotta vent.  I’m so over GMA.  First Sam Champion left, now Josh Elliott has bailed.  Ya, they’re bringing in Michael Strahan, he’s okay, but not enough to make me tune in.  

And what was the straw that broke the camel’s back?  This morning I was watching Robin Roberts fawn over  Samuel L. Jackson.  The woman was actually bowing to him.  Ya, he’s a great actor, but bowing?  Oh puh-leez. 

And apparently, if you can believe the tabloids, Amy Robach and Lara Spencer hate each other.  That Lara has worked on my last nerve for years.  She reminds me of that awful Debbie Thomopoulos that used to be on The View.

So I’m gone, outta there, hasta la vista, baby.  But where do I go for my morning news?  I gave up TODAY because I just can’t tolerate Matt Lauer.  Ugh, the man disgusts me.  Word on the street is that Josh Elliott will step into his spot when his contract is up.  I hope so, I’m a fan, and I’ll return to TODAY if that happens.  CBS Morning News is a a huge yawn, I could revisit Fox & Friends, but that would entail me suffering thru Elizabeth Hasselbeck.  So what am I gonna do?  Just ignore morning news?  I do enjoy Kathie Lee and Hoda at 10am, but that’s not news, that’s two old women sitting around gossiping and drinking wine.

Okay, I feel better now, just had to get that all out!  Now I’m going to enjoy this pretty spring morning and forget about the news!  It’s all bad anyway!!!!!!!!


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