Tuesday, April 1, 2014

EZ Off Jar Opener, just buy it!!!!


The older I get the more I struggle with opening jars.  A few years ago my son Ryan bought me an automatic jar opener, and while it works great, it’s big and bulky, I have it in the garage and it’s a hassle to access it.

I’ve tried hand-held openers, you’re struggling to hold it with one hand and open the jar with the other.  Most of the time I just rely on poor hubby, but he isn’t always around.

So a few weeks ago, I found this opener on Amazon,  it had 438 positive reviews, so I decided to try it.  It mounts under your kitchen cabinet, it’s invisible since the frame of the cabinet hides it, and it’s just simply amazing.

A quick counter clockwise twist and your jar is opened.  You have both hands free, it’s seriously awesome, ladies.

So get out that credit card, and order it up, $16.95 prime, it’s SO worth the money.

Here’s the quick click to order...


  1. So can I just say that we have one of these in our house that was left on the cabinets from the previous owner and I had no idea what it was!! Thanks for this post. I am sure we all will appreciate being able to use it.


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