Saturday, February 8, 2014

We had such a fun week...


We went to Lexington and kept Ben while Ryan, Lindsay and Abby were at Disney and oh, what a sweet little boy this little guy is.  LC and I were a great team, taking care of him, but Ben led the way.  He’s a great communicator, and told us what he wanted.   Second children don’t get to be the center of attention for extended periods of time, and he loved it.


He brought back so many memories of our boys at this age.  If it doesn’t have wheels or bounce, he has no use for it.  He played with his balls and his trucks, and his favorite bulldozer constantly.   Abby has been such a revelation to us, because never having had a little girl, she was the complete opposite of what we were used to.  Ben, however,  just brings the boy’s childhood back.  At this age Abby was very  focused, putting puzzles together, playing with toys that required skill beyond her years, and he’s just all Action Jackson, on the run all the time, squealing and clapping his little hands, loving anything that makes a motor noise.


 The weather was not good while we were there, an ice storm, a power outage, so we were housebound, but it was a great experience for us, because Ben was our focus.  I think he enjoyed it as much as we did, and when we left yesterday, I kissed his little head, and he leaned into me and said more” wanting me to kiss him again.

The weather forecast yesterday was for snow, and then they changed it to flurries, but we decided to come home last night just in case.  It was a lovely drive home, a bright, moonlit night, and the snow and ice on the trees just glistened.  We played The Fresh Marked cd that I talked about in an earlier post, if you ever find one on ebay, I suggest you snap it up if you’re a fan of classical music.  It’s one of those cd’s that you can listen to over and over, barely recognizing that it’s playing, but it’s uplifting music that’s good for the soul, and our time on the road (3 hours+) went quickly.

We’re glad that we made the drive, because we got an inch or so of snow last night, and it’s snowing this morning, it would have been a slick drive had we waited until today.

So life goes back to normal for us, but with such good memories of time spent with a precious little boy at such a special age.  Life is good, I’m so blessed...


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