Monday, February 24, 2014

Spring has arrived, well at my house it has...


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Even though our 7 day forecast calls for cold and snowy weather, I couldn’t stand the thought of winter one minute longer, so poor hubby had to drag all of the spring crates out of the attic, and here’s the result.  And yes, I know it’s overdone, I like it this way, it’s just the way I roll.

There are a lot of treasures tucked into this tablescape.  Don’t you just love that word tablescape, it’s a good buzzword, thanks to Sandra Lee from FoodTV who coined the phrase several years ago with her pretty dining room tables.

Some of these things I’ve had for years.  The tulips in the first picture, I got several years ago at Marshall’s, my friend Barb has the same ones.  I wonder if she still uses hers?

The carrot salt and pepper shakers are vintage, the egg cups are Dept. 56 from years ago, and the trio of rabbit bowls filled with jellybeans have been around forever.

The big Easter chick came from Steinmart, it’s always been a favorite of mine, the little bunny in the last picture was a gift from my buddy V, he lives in my living room the rest of the year, and last but not least is this wicker basket of yellow tulips.


IMG 7294

Many, many years ago, we were on a trip to the west coast, I found these tulips and carried them home on a plane to give to mother.  She put them out every spring, and now so do I.  They’re a little shopworn, but that only makes them more bittersweet.  They must be 25-30 years old by now.

And that’s my table, a bright spot as winter gasps, hopefully, it’s  last blast of arctic air this week.  It’s not quite finished, I still need to add silverware and glasses and napkins.  I think I’ll do it slowly, I certainly have time.  Oh spring, where are you…..


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