Sunday, February 9, 2014





I’m so bored I’ve spent a good part of the day organizing music in iTunes.  Not a bad thing actually, because I really do have some great elevator music.  :O)  Well I do!  And now it’s all together, ready to play on my mini player.

If you are a fan of gentle, soothing, lyrical tunes, there is nobody better than Dean Evenson.  I have several of his albums, but my favorite is Back to the Garden.




I bought it years ago at a little tourist shop when we were traveling.  I love little out of the way places, they always seem to have great cd’s that aren’t mainstream.

 You can get Back to the Garden from Amazon here, and listen to samples.  

I just found several of his recordings online from my local library, that’s even better than Amazon.  They’re free!  Guess where I’m going next week?


Try it, it’s a good thing.  ~ Jan


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