Tuesday, February 25, 2014

In search of serenity...


I’ve talked about nature so often over the years.  The wind in my face, the quiet of the country life, my beloved creek, the sounds of frogs chirping and birds singing.  I was reading The Old Farmer’s Almanac online, trying to get their view on what weather the month of March was going to bring, because frankly the forecast for the first week is positively horrid!!  I came upon an article about serenity, and they just validated what I already know, that serenity is rooted in nature.

They also have a link to a slideshow of where people find peace in New York City.  I thought it was so interesting, you might enjoy it as well.  Turn up your speakers, it has great sound effects as you arrow from slide to slide.

Here’s the link.  ~ Enjoy...


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