Thursday, January 16, 2014

Diane Keaton Golden Globe Appearance vs. Photoshopped L'Oreal Commercial



These pictures have exploded on the internet this week.  All the hubba hubba is over the L’Oreal commercial that ran immediately following Diane Keaton’s live onstage appearance.  Twitter was on fire with people talking about how she looks in real life versus the air brushed version of herself in the L’Oreal commercial.

I’ve said many times, there is nothing wrong with aging and looking your age, but I feel so sorry for older women in the public eye who have to constantly struggle to look artificially younger.  Sure she looks amazing and more like 40 than her true age of 68 in the commercials, but it isn’t real life..  And shame on these companies for women not being “good enough” as they are to sell their products.  Do we really buy products thinking that we will magically turn back the hands of time and look young again?  We’re not that stupid, we’re savvy women, we know that we can’t stop the powerful force that is Mother Nature.

Just my two cents worth this morning,  Let us grow old as gracefully as we can, don’t continue to exploit us with this unnatural photoshopping nonsense.  It certainly doesn’t want me to rush out to buy what companies that photoshop their ads are trying to sell us..


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