Thursday, September 26, 2013

Old Barns...



I love old barns, LOVE them!  This one reminds me of my Grandpa Short's barn.  Oh, the memories….

Sometimes a girl just doesn't want a bath….


You're looking at one p*ssed off little Yorkie.  Mags was just not in the mood for her bath and  groom this morning.  We trudged out to the garage, I put her on the grooming table and she proceeded to wiggle and squirm all the time I was blowing her dry and trimming her while  I tried, unsuccessfully I might add, to show some authority and make her sit still.  I kept reminding her that I was the human and she was the dog, and she had to quit fidgeting or she would end up with a crooked beard.  I'm not exactly a whiz with the sciz, even on the best of days!    Trust me on this,  it was not one of our finer moments.



Even when we were finishing up she wasn't a happy camper.  She kept giving me the evil eye, and if she wasn't so little I have no doubt that she would have jumped off the grooming table and ran for the hills.  And this isn't Maggie, she usually enjoys being groomed.   I know what the problem was, though, it was 8am, and she likes to sleep in.  Silly little dog...



Oh, but look at her now.  She's a happy girl, lying on her favorite pillow.  She can be a stinker sometimes, but then she is just so darned cute I forgive her anything...

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A very special treasure...


My friend, V, was visiting  last week and we were discussing our favorite things.  I told her that my favorite thing of hers was this vintage cow pitcher that she bought at an antique store in the 80's.

She replied, "it's just sitting in my cabinet, I'll give it to you."  OMG, she wanted to give me her prized pitcher!  You have to realize that V and I are really good friends, we don't have that, "oh, I can't accept this" filter, and so I accepted it greedily graciously.   At first I  gave her the halfhearted "I can't take your pitcher"  and then realized she really wanted me to have it and I really wanted to have it, too!

So we visited them on Saturday, and sure enough, she comes into the living room carrying that pitcher.  I was so thrilled, it's found a new home, front row and center on my entertainment center. 

It's wonderful, I love it, thank you thank you, V!  I'm so excited about this!!!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Chevy vs. Ford, Apple vs. Android



If you grew up in the 50's, you knew all about either being a Chevy or a Ford person.   Chevy was the car of choice, Ford was the underdog, always trying to catch up, but not quite succeeding, and people sided against each other,  totally loyal to either one or the other.

Fast forward to 2013.  The same thing is going on with Apple vs. Android.  The Android fans are loyal to a fault, constantly trying to prove that their phone is the best, pointing out how Apple is losing it's edge, yada yada yada.

But the numbers speak for themselves, once again.  

Apple sold 3 million iPhone 5s and 5c units everyday for the past three days this weekend for the most successful smartphone launch in history.  Not only did Apple completely dominate its old sales numbers set by the iPhone 5, but Samsung has never even come close to any of the iPhone’s launch day performances.


And for the record, I was a diehard Chevy fan in the 50's...

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Don't make fun of my pancakes!

Photo 24


Hey, I know they're a little bit skimpy, and yes the butter is all smeared in my Butter Bell Crock.  It's breakfast, people, not a photo op.  And these pancakes are low carb, not  the real meal deal.  But anyway...

The purpose of this is that hubby came home from a tag sale with this vintage syrup dispenser.  I love that word "tag sale, " don't you?  Martha Stewart always says that, and it's much more classy than saying hubby came home from a rummage sale.  But anyway, he got me this nifty retro syrup dispenser for fifty cents!  And it's awesome.  A blast from the past, that dispenses syrup perfectly without spilling a drop.  And I  know it photographed dark, jeesh, always a critic, Jan.

Such excitement on this gorgeous Sunday morning in Heavensville.  And yes, it was good, even though the syrup was sugar free and the pancakes were Bob's Red Mill Low Carb Baking Mix.  Good stuff, that Bob's Red Mill...

I've had coffee, too, can ya tell????

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