Saturday, August 24, 2013

One of those special moments...



My daughter-in-law, Lindsay posted this on her FaceBook page today.  Apparently they were at the Disney Store, and afterwards little Miss A was all tuckered out, riding in Daddy's arms.

Talk about tugging at the heartstrings.  Such a special picture...

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Ben's First Birthday...




We visited the family in Lexington last weekend for Ben's first birthday party.  He had a great time and obviously enjoyed decorating himself with his cupcake.




Then it was Abby's first day of pre-school on Monday.  Here are the kids with their pretty little mama, oh time passes too quickly.  In a couple of years she will be in kindergarten and Ben will be going to pre-school.  Grammie is not ready for that!

Sally's Tanwise Self Tanner



Deanna and John visited a couple of weeks ago, and she had the loveliest tan.  Her arms and legs were a sunny golden brown and when I commented on how good it looked she said "You know I don't tan, Jan, I used a self-tanner from Sally's."   So of course I was all over it, disregarding the fact that she has smooth, dewy, supple 30 something skin, and I have crepey, dry, age spot ridden 60 something skin.  But nontheless, I was hoping for a miracle in a can.  So I tooled over to Sally's, picked up a spray bottle and I was off to the races.  Kinda...

I showered, aimed that sucker at my chest and sprayed with a vengeance.   AAACCCCKKKKKKK, it came out of the bottle like army green spray paint, and I'm not kidding!  I was in a panic, we were going out to dinner and I had sprayed myself green!  I start rubbing furiously, and magically the army green disappeared and a tan color took it's place.  All the time I'm thinking how glad I was that I didn't spray it on my face!

So I called Deanna and told her what happened, she was laughing so hard, she completely forgot to tell me how it came out of the bottle.

And am I pleased with it?  Yes,  it's a good product, it doesn't smell, it doesn't wipe off, it's long lasting, it's a natural color, but if you try it, I warned you.  Army green at first, and not transparent either!  And wash your hands when you finish!!!!!!

Egads the things we do for beauty.

Update:  Deanna blogged in length on Harris Sisters GirlTalk about this today, apparently at the same time I was blogging about it   And now I'm remembering that I asked her to do it because I was too lazy.  And then I promptly forgot!!!  Egads, I'm impossible.

But that was yesterday,  and today after a caffeine surge, I got a burst of energy and decided to post this, totally forgetting that I asked her to do it.

And since we both blogged at the same time,   I would like to say that brilliant minds think alike, but yours truly isn't brilliant at all, but thank goodness Deanna is!

Anyhoo, go to her website, Harris Sisters GirlTalk, she does a much better job of reviewing this than I did!  

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