Saturday, July 13, 2013

Jeanne Robertson Don't Send a Man to the Grocery store

After I posted the Jeanne Robertson video earlier today, Deanna emailed me and asked if I had seen one of her favorites, "Don't Send a Man to the Grocery Store."  I just got a chance to watch it,  the house is quiet and I'm sitting here watching this laughing uncontrollably.  Here we go again, ladies another great one.  And I'm posting the recipe link, which my friend Mary has made and likes!   Watch the video and left brain's recipe makes perfect sense.  Enjoy!!!




 Here's the recipe for her cake...

Summer, glorious, wonderful summer...


Jeanne Robertson "Left Brain vs. Intruder" - it's SO funny!!!!!

I'm convinced that this woman is a National Treasure!  She's wholesome, funny, and she's stunningly beautiful at sixty-three years old.

It's a lovely morning in Heavensville, Maggie and I were on the patio, hubby is at a tag sale, I was having my coffee, life was calm, serene, I snapped this picture of Maggie eating her breakfast. Notice the bowl matches the fern.  Oh, of course I didn't really color coordinate her breakast with the fern, I just threw that out there ;o).  And yes, I know I need to sweep, where did those leaves come from anyway?  No,  they aren't left over from last year, well, they're not!

So anyway, I was going through my Facebook posts on my iPad and I see that Jeanne Robertson had posted a new video.  Now if you aren't familiar with Jeanne Robertson, she is without a doubt the funniest woman I have ever seen in my life.  My daughter-in-law, Deanna, introduced me to her humor.   Deanna has seen her speak at several company events she attends and she, too is a huge fan.   Well,  I was instantly hooked, she's  a lovely, lovely southern woman, tall, elegant, and she delivers lines with perfection.


Photo1 12


So I click on the video, sit back to watch, she's talking about "left brain" who happens to be her husband, that's his nickname.  I started to chuckle, then I started to belly laugh, and then I actually cackled, loudly, several times!  My neighbors must have wondered what in the world was going on.  When she got to the part about Victoria's Secret the tears were streaming down my cheeks.

I had to share it with you, I want you to experience the good endorphins that come with laughter this morning.  Oh, this is a good one ladies, a good one!!!






After you've watched this video, click here and subscribe to her YouTube channel.  This woman is good for the soul!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Jumpy The Amazing Dog


This is the most amazing dog I've ever seen.  Wonder if this guy could train Maggie.  She's smart, well she is!!!!  I've just never made her do anything.  Okay, so she's a bit of a valley girl, but I bet he could whip her into shape for about $2500.  Okay, so he won't be training her….

My Dynamite Crape Myrtle

Photo1 11

So last Easter John and Deanna gave me a crape myrtle tree.  We drove to all the nurseries, but  there were none to be found anywhere in Heavensville, t was the wrong time of the year, and it took me until mid summer to find one.  Hubby planted it, we've babied it, fertilized it and it's thriving.  It has a lot of new growth, it's full and lush,  it's all good.

Right?  Wrong!  The blasted thing has not one bloom on it.  All over the subdivision the crape myrtle are blooming their fool heads off.  My friend, Trisher, ordered the same variety from a nursery, they were tiny little twigs, but they're all thriving and blooming like crazy.

I'm frustrated beyond belief, my tree is the only one in the entire neighborhood that has no buds.  None!  I called the nursery, they told me all kinds of silly nonsense, because they don't know any more about it than I do.

I've Googled myself senseless, and everybody has a theory.  Not enough sun, not enough fertilizer, too much fertilizer, the wrong kind of fertilizer, yada yada yada!

And so I wait.  I put a styled border around this picture, hoping to make it more interesting since it has no gorgeous  blossoms.  This should be full of blooms right now, bright red, dynamite blooms.

This is what I read online today -

Aside from pruning and fertilizing, Crape Myrtle care is easy.  Water with the rest of your shrubs if extremely dry.  Otherwise get ready to enjoy the gorgeous flowers of your Dynamite Crape Myrtle Tree.

Well, I'm ready, I've been ready for a couple of weeks now.  Trust me, this tree is no dy-no-MITE.  Me thinks I have a dud...

Things I enjoy….

I sit in my sunroom at my computer day after day after day.  Why?  Because I like it, that's why!  It's quiet, it's soothing, calm, relaxing.  Oh c'mon Jan, get real.  I do it because I can and I have no desire to do things that aren't fun anymore!  And in an attempt to justify why I do this, I've made a list.  Well, I have, and it's a good one, too!  This is what I enjoy every day...
  • The Local Noon News on the  tv mounted above my computer screens
  • My pretty hydrangeas that wink at me thru the window
  • The finches on the feeder, so close that I could touch them if it wasn't for the glass in the window.  I know, I can't really touch them, but they're so close.
  • My awesome blackbird email notification wav sound, I love that sound, twe-eeet when mail comes in.  Always make me smile.
  • My little fan that blows air on me.  Hey, computer screens are hot, and I have two big screens sitting just inches away from my face, and that little fan works like a charm.
  • My awesome bulletin board the guys made for me last summer, I look at it and see all of the people I love and I smile.  Wanna see it again?  Sure, here's the click...
  • Radium Radio, the best MAC app, ever!  This little retro radio sits on my top toolbar on my iMac and it has all my favorite stations, including my Sirius XM.  Every kind of music I could possibly want is just a click of my mouse button.  And since hubby installed fancy schmancy external speakers, the sound is amazing!  Well, la-te-da, aren't I special...
  • The sound of my wind chimes on the patio, tinkling in the breeze.  It's the old hippie in me, i adore wind chimes.  Don't you?
  • Growly notes.  See the screenshot below?  If you're lucky enough to have a MAC, Growly Notes is FREE.  It's a customizable notebook, that you just drag pictures and text into, and I have it just full of everything I love.  It's too much to even try and explain.  Google it…

Growly Notes Houses 1


I love, love, love my cow wallpaper.  It was a Pioneer Woman freebie a couple of years ago. I always have it on my desktop, I just love those sweet little faces looking at me.  I just gave this to my buddy, V yesterday.  You want it too?  Sure, here's her link...




And my red-winged blackbird mail notification sound.  You want it, too?  Okay.

Here's the link for a PC

Here's the link for a MAC

Now you want to know how to install these.  You gotta Google this, too, it's not that hard, just a few steps.  

And that's just a few things that  I enjoy.  

And isn't this boring...

Your morning chuckle...

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Thursday, July 11, 2013

The fleurs are flourishing...




We've had such a mild summer and my flowers are loving it, they are absolutely huge.  The impatiens on the wall are planted in a double tiered planter, and I did side plantings so that they would bloom from the sides instead of just from the top, but you can't even see the sides the impatiens have grown so large.  The herbs are doing so well, I keep pruning and they just seem to grow overnight.   Martha Stewart would be so proud of me ;o)




This is my window box that hangs on my patio fence, I planted some asparagus fern amongst the begonias, thinking that it would give it a feathery look, but the begonias choked out the ferns!  They grew so big you can't even see one little feathery frond.



More of my side planting.  Hubby made me pedestals to put in the ground, and I planted begonias on the sides as well as the top of the basket.  It's so shady on our patio now that we can't do any kind of sun loving plants.




It's so pretty, I am just amazed every time I walk out the door.  But wait, I can't take credit for all this lushness.  It's all do to John setting us up with micro irrigation a couple of years ago and hubby  maintaining it every spring.    Every morning at 7am, the little sprinklers that are placed in all my pots and window boxes come on, as well as the fertilizer, and five minutes later all the plants are all dripping wet.  I water nothing in the summer.  Nada, el zippo, and I think it works so well because the foliage doesn't get wet, just the soil.

If everything is this big now,  what is it going to look like in September???  I can't imagine….



Did you ever have a day that was so reminiscent of your childhood that you could almost reach out and touch it?  A day so bittersweet that the memory is almost painful?  That's what my day is like.

The weather in Heavensville is absolutely glorious.  Temps in the mid 80's, low humidity, it's a perfect summer day, a day that mother used to call "easy living."" Hubby and I were about and about on Milly, and the breeze, the sun, the clouds, it just took me all took me back to that simple life in the country.

Oh, how I loved sitting on the front porch, dressing my cats in doll clothes, drinking mother's sweet tea with a plate of warm cookies, fresh from the oven.  No worries, no problems, just a little girl living with nature and animals on a dusty country road.  There were so many summer days like today, the windows open, the clothes hanging on the line, WROY, the Tri-State Boomer playing on the radio in the kitchen.

It was so shady at our little house on the ditch, tree's surrounded the house, filtering the sun, it was just so simple, and so, so, so wonderful.

Sure takes me back...

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

uppiesbeads59 - Tammy's CC and BB Creams


Tammy is like having our own personal skin care expert right in our home.  She's the best makeup artist,  ever.  At my age I would have never expected to find someone who addresses old(er) women, and does it with such flair!

I must be living in the dark ages, because I had never heard of CC Creams and BB Creams until I watched this. Once again, she gives us a great video and learning experience.  My gawd, this woman has beautiful skin!

Such a fan here, such . a . fan !

Remember to subscribe to her anti-aging channel on YouTube.  Here's the link...

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Let's just pretend for a moment...



We're sitting on this porch in a little rickety cabin in the mountains, you and I, having a cup of coffee and catching up on whats happening in our world.  We can hear water trickling in a nearby stream, a dog or two sitting at our feet, Maggie in my lap, a cat is lazily winding itself around the porch post  and the birds are singing their morning songs.

 It's a beautiful summer morning, the sun is filtering through the trees, a gentle breeze is blowing, the air is perfumed with the scent of wild roses and we have warm croissants, Irish butter and homemade blackberry jam to go with our coffee.

Now doesn't that make you smile?  Works for me...

Let's go make it a good day, ladies, and carry this smile with us.  ~ Jan

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