Thursday, June 27, 2013

Ashleigh and Pudsley, Britains Got Talent


What a wonderful video this is.  Pudsley is an amazing little dog,  and this is one of those feel good videos that stays with you long after you've watched it...

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Dial Gold Antibacterial Body Wash, it's NEW!!!


Oh, I get excited by the stupidest things, and this just made my day!  Mother's soap of choice was always a bar of Dial Gold.  I love the smell and the memories associated with it,  and use it occasionally, but I'm spoiled by body wash.  Its just a royal pain to use a bar of soap.  How lazy am I??? Ya, ya, I hear you, I know it's silly, but just telling it like it is...

So, today I was at WallyWorld, cruising the body wash aisle, and Bingo, there it was, sitting on a shelf, front row and center in front of me, NEW, DIAL GOLD BODY WASH!!!!

I may have to go take another shower just to take it for a spin.  Doesn't take much these days to excite this old(er) girl...

Uppie'sbeads59, Tammy's Messy Side Bun Hair Tutorial


You all know what a fan I am of Crazy Miss Tammy.   Well, this lovely 50 something woman has done it again.  Her messy side bun is an amazing look.  And no, I don't have long hair and never will again *sigh* but it sure is fun to watch her do this and see the end result with her gorgeous earrings.

Take a break today, sit back and enjoy.  This woman is just lovely and such a sweet, sweet person!!!!!

Subscribe to her YouTube Channel and you will get updates for all her videos.  She is going to do a makeup tutorial later this week on the makeup she used in this video.

Here's the link to her channel...

Monday, June 24, 2013

Firing Paula Deen, my two cents worth



I think, this is without a doubt, a total travesty, destroying this woman's entire career because of a remark, albeit racist,  that happened twenty year ago.  Twenty years ago.  I'm certain that if most of us were held accountable for things we said or did twenty years ago, we would be landing in a pile of doodoo, too.

I admire the woman for what she has accomplished.  Sure she can be crude, rude and obnoxious, but should she be fired for a racist comment made years and years and years ago.  Oh, puh-leez.  

Following are lyrics from a Chris Brown rap song.  A black man, who beat his girlfriend to a pulp on the way to the Grammy's  and was still invited back to the same Grammy's a couple of years later and forgiven for his transgressions, still singing his songs with filthy lyrics and making millions of dollars for doing so.  Why???  Is what Paula Deen did as bad as these lyrics that were written and sung by this same black man, Chris Brown.  I think not!  And this is just a  minuscule drop in the bucket, a mere blip on the radar screen, but it's shocking to see.


And let's fast forward to the politicians.  Andrew Weiner and Weinergate.  All the sexually explicit photos and messages he sent, in part to a 21 year old college student, while he was married and his wife was pregnant.  Was he ostracized?  Oh hell no, he's now running for mayor of NYC!

And then there is Mark Sanford who disappeared totally for six days when he was Governor of South Carolina,  he left his wife for a woman in Buenos Aires in 2009.  Was he slapped on the wrist?  Was his career over?  Nope, he's now a congressman in South Carolina.

I could blog for hours about people who did far worse things than Paula Deen.  Far worse, but they are forgiven and all is well.  Even Martha Stewart who went to prison never missed a beat when she returned to society.

I think this is appalling, it's a witch hunt, and this woman got caught up in it.  Totally ridiculous, in my opinion, punished to the extreme for nothing worse than other people in the limelight do on a daily basis...

Tiger Lilies always make me nostalgic...


Hubby and I drive the county roads often, and now the tiger lilies are in bloom.  They were Mother's favorite, she had them on her ditch bank, and as a child I never appreciated them, but now they just make me nostalgic.

That's happened a lot this summer, being nostalgic… When I hear a train whistle I'm transported back to my childhood, running to the front porch to sit in the porch swing and watch the far away train wind through the hilly countryside.  Summer rains remind me of days spent at my friend Roxie's house, playing endless games of Monopoly that went on for days. 

I was browsing thru an antique store and saw aluminum glasses, the ones that Mother had, they were so popular in the fifties, and they made your tea so cold that it would sting your mouth and Mother put so much sugar in her tea that it puckered your lips, not from the sour, but because it was so syrupy sweet.   And the white ducks we fed last week when Abby was here transported me back to my Aunt Liz's house, she always had white ducks in her yard.

I'm thinking I need a trip to Enfield.  I like to park the car on the road by our old house in the country and listen to the familiar nature sounds.  Drive down our gravel road and sit and gaze at the ditch.  Just remember my childhood when life was carefree and the world was a better place.  And maybe I'll find some Posey County Cantaloupes for sale on the way home,  and if I'm really lucky some summer squash and zucchini.  Yep, that's just what I need, to be transported back to my childhood, if just for a few hours….

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Abby Reads...



This is my last Abby entry, it's a short video of her reading.  Ryan and Lindsay were telling me that she can read, so I bought her Dick and Jane books, the ones I read when I started first grade, wondering if they would be too difficult for her at three and a half.   I just handed her the books, she had never seen them before and she read them with no help from Grammie.   Then I gave her Dr. Seuss' The Cat and the Hat and she read that!   So much for Dick and Jane...

Abby and the Golden Necklace

When Abby was visiting last week, every day we would go for rides on Milly down to the woods, and Milly would transform from a golf cart to a Magic Pirate Ship, and the woods became an Enchanted Forest.

When we would ride thru the field to the Enchanted Forest, the field became the ocean and it was pretty rough going, but we persevered.  Captain Hook, who was a bumble bee, led the way with us yelling "Ahoy Matey," and we were screaming the whole time because the bad pirates were chasing us, but we were faster than they were and always outran them.   We were looking for the Golden Necklace that the bad pirates had stolen, and every single day, we made this trip, some days,  two or three times, always looking through our telescope, trying to find the golden necklace.

Well, naturally grandparents want to make a little girl's dream come true, so Larry went to a tag sale and came home with two huge bags of Mardi Gras beads. 100+ necklaces.  Then the night before she left to go home, he went to the woods and dropped piles of beads along the path, ending with a whole pile of golden necklaces.  For those of you who know Larry, you are probably smiling, because he never does anything half way, he always takes it to the extreme, and of course, since it was for Abby, he really pulled out all the stops.

So the last evening, we went for one last treasure hunt, searching for that golden necklace, and the following video is the result.  It's rather long, but I couldn't bear to edit it, this will always be a real treasure for her in years to come.  The farther into the video we go, the more excited she gets, just watch and you'll see what I mean...









She was so excited, after we came home with her treasures,  she kept saying over and over again.  "I never saw anything like it."  "Never in my entire life."  It was as though she couldn't believe it had really happened.  Now what do Grammie and P-Pa do to top this?  I'm clueless right now, but it sure will be fun figuring out what we do for her the next time she comes to stay...

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