Friday, June 7, 2013

Things never go as planned



Lindsay, Ryan and kids are coming tomorrow, so I whipped up this Starbucks Lemon Loaf recipe because Linds adores lemon.  It looked good, reviews were good, mine turned out hard as a rock and flat as a flitter and looks nothing like this picture.  Why???  I've been baking for how many years now????  So I put it in Tupperware while it was warm, hoping that it will magically turn to moist gooey yumminess by tomorrow.  Umhmmm, sure it will.

So then I made her potato salad because she likes it better than macaroni salad, which I'm getting ready to make for Ryan.  It went well, potatoes, eggs, sour cream, mayo, mustard, dill relish, and dill weed, but the potatoes are dark.  Why???  I've been boiling potatoes for how many years now????

So I go online, read that it's the potatoes, not the cook.  Something about the oxidation in certain potatoes, so do I throw them out and start over?  They taste fine, Google says it's just a cosmetic thing, not a taste thing, so I'm putting them in the fridge, hoping that the chunks of potatoes will magically turn white by tomorrow.  Umhmmm, sure they will.

Now I'm ready to make macaroni salad, but first a trip to the market for Miracle Whip, Ry likes sweet macaroni salad, with chunks of Velveeta, eggs, Creamettes medium shells, sweet pickles, onions, and Miracle Whip, not mayo.  Wonder how this will turn out?   After all I've been making macaroni salad for many years now????  Umhmmm, it's a no brainer, Jan, sure it is...

Then I'm going to bribe hubby to clean the kitchen and we're going out to dinner.  I'm on a roll this morning, and so far it's rolling the wrong way.  Don't think I want to make dinner, but after all, I've been making dinner for how many years now????  Umhmmmm, better have dinner out.  If they screw it up, I can send it back!!!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Heat, Coming June 28th


Finally, a movie that looks really good!  Sandra Bullock, Melissa McCarthy,  directed by Paul Feig, who directed The Bridesmaids, sounds like a win-win to me!!!!

Abby is the sweetest little girl!

Abbiesummer edited


Just couldn't resist posting a picture Lindsay just sent.  Oh, what a joy it is to be a Grammie to this special child!

The latest Moore Oklahoma tornado

Picture looking west from Kathy s farm


My friend, Holly, who lives in Moore, sent me this picture of Friday night's storm.  ABC News said last night that this tornado was the widest path in recorded history.  Once again, thank goodness,  Holly and her family were spared, and her house escaped damage, but to be in or near this storm would be frightening beyond belief...

People are SO clever



Is this not the cutest idea.  All it takes is a cup, a saucer, some super glue and you're in business.  It looks amazing, well it does until birds poop all over it.  Egads, I've been living with hubby too long.

This is EXACTLY what he would say!!!!!!

Your morning giggle.

Note to self:  Jan, add balloons to your list for Target this morning :o)))



Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Thought you could use a smile after that Madonna picture


Looks like Madonna's had work done...


And it's not good work either.  Why can't women leave well enough alone???

Just my two cents worth...

Monday, June 3, 2013

Girl's Just Wanna Have Fun, 2013 Version

It's hard to believe that everybody's favorite Cyndi Lauper tune is thirty years old.  THIRTY YEARS OLD!!!!  

This 2013 celebrity studded version is a "must see."  So crank those speakers and dance, ladies.

And if you really wanna have fun, set this song as your ringtone for a favorite friend.  It will make you smile every time they call.  Pinky swear it will ;o)

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