Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Well that was stupid...







So I stumble out of bed this morning, bleary eyed, go directly to the bathroom, sit on the side of the tub to brush my teeth as I always do.  The side of the tub?  Yes, I always brush my teeth in the tub because I'm too lazy to wipe out the sink afterwards, and besides I usually spray the mirror.  I know, too much information, but anyway, it was early, I didn't turn on the light, just grabbed the toothpaste tube, squirted it on there and started to brush.

Blechtttt!!!!!  Something was very wrong, I quickly spit it out, looked at the tube, and I was brushing my teeth with L'Oreal Conditioner.  Oh my, it was a horrible taste, just horrible!  Oh well, it could have been worse, I suppose, I could have picked up a tube of something much more vile than conditioner...

There's no hope ladies, no hope!


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