Thursday, October 17, 2013

Poach It, it's a REALLY good thing...



I was mindlessly clicking through Facebook links today and stumbled on to 10 Shopping Tips for Bargain Hunters from MORE Magazine.  So I'm going through their slide show, thinking some of these tips are pretty good when I came to Tip #8, an application called "POACH IT" that you register for and then drag their little icon to your toolbar.

When you are buying something online and have it in your shopping cart, you just click on the "POACH IT" button and it instantly finds any discount coupons that are available for the item you are purchasing.  I tested this on both Lands' End and Kohls, two online stores that always have coupons, and it worked!!!!!  AND, after you register when you go to, they will show you tabs for trending items nd deals.

You're gonna love this, Peeps!  You seriously need to grab this POACH IT button for your toolbar if you shop online.  You will save yourself a bundle!  ~ Jan

Here's the POACH IT link

And, here's the link to all of the 10 Shopping Tips for Bargain Hunters


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