Thursday, September 26, 2013

Sometimes a girl just doesn't want a bath….


You're looking at one p*ssed off little Yorkie.  Mags was just not in the mood for her bath and  groom this morning.  We trudged out to the garage, I put her on the grooming table and she proceeded to wiggle and squirm all the time I was blowing her dry and trimming her while  I tried, unsuccessfully I might add, to show some authority and make her sit still.  I kept reminding her that I was the human and she was the dog, and she had to quit fidgeting or she would end up with a crooked beard.  I'm not exactly a whiz with the sciz, even on the best of days!    Trust me on this,  it was not one of our finer moments.



Even when we were finishing up she wasn't a happy camper.  She kept giving me the evil eye, and if she wasn't so little I have no doubt that she would have jumped off the grooming table and ran for the hills.  And this isn't Maggie, she usually enjoys being groomed.   I know what the problem was, though, it was 8am, and she likes to sleep in.  Silly little dog...



Oh, but look at her now.  She's a happy girl, lying on her favorite pillow.  She can be a stinker sometimes, but then she is just so darned cute I forgive her anything...


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