Thursday, September 12, 2013

It's all about vintage….



I seriously don't know what's going on with me.  I'm so nostalgic this year, and I look at vintage items and fall in love all over again.  I used to have a house full of vintage, lots and lots of it, back in the day when we had never heard of Shabby Chic, but I got off that bandwagon years ago, I still drool, however,  and so I'm sharing this wonderful kitchen desk picture.

Maybe somebody out there could benefit from this idea  What a wonderful little desk cubby with kitchen utensils used for storage.  So cute, somebody will take this idea and run with it, surely they will...




And if that little kitchen idea didn't float your boat, how could this not????  Oh my gracious, this is so special!

But wait, I said I'm not on the vintage bandwagon anymore,  that's not quite correct.   We saved our favorite things from years ago and DH has all of the vintage items in his den.  Walking in there is like a blast from the past!


Photo 18


And of all the things we've saved, this is my favorite.  It's my computer desk, and it's wonderful, or at least I think it is.  And yes, that's Pioneer Woman Wallpaper on my monitors, the left is Charlie the Ranch Dog.  But back to my story…  How many of you have searched hard and long for the "perfect" computer desk, only to find it doesn't exist.  We certainly did, and bought multiple ones over the years, but they were never quite right, and finally the light dawned!.  Hubby was an engineer and this was his drafting table.  He's saved it all these years, dragging it around the country, along with the boy's baby bed, because certain things you just can't part with.  So a few years ago we got the bright idea to use it for a computer desk.  But it was too wide and too long.  But hubby is innovative, and there is nothing he likes better than a good challenge.  So he sawed several inches off to the back of the wood top, sawed off a bit of the width, then using the hardware from a throwaway computer desk, he made a shelf from the wood he sawed off the back.  Told you he was innovative.

The bottom was oak, the top was pine, but that just makes it interesting, he sanded it, refinished it, putting a heavy duty bar coating on the top, because yours truly needs things to be indestructible, and it's been just great.  It's big, roomy, substantial, it's seriously awesome!

But poor hubby has been using an antique desk in the den for his computer desk, trying in vain to find another drafting table so that he could revamp it for his computer desk, but he hasn't had any luck.  He's searched eBay for years, and when you find them they are really spendy, almost always starting at $500 and going much higher, plus shipping.  But a couple of days ago he hit pay dirt, somebody listed one almost identical to mine, "Buy It Now" for $69.  SIXTY NINE DOLLARS!!!!!  Well he scooped it up an hour after it was listed, and since it was within driving distance, we drove and picked it up.

So he's happily taking it apart, sanding it and refinishing it.  He even found a great stool for it today.  I'll update you with pictures when he gets it finished.   Now we're on the hunt for a vintage Rolodex, an old stapler, a tape dispenser, and who knows what else.  It's a fun fall project for us...

Oh credit, I almost forgot to give you the link to the blogger who posted a great vintage blog, Decor 4 All, that's where the other pictures came form.  Here's her link, check it out...


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