Wednesday, September 18, 2013

I guess it's my Smooth Jazz time in life...

Years ago, I had a neighbor in her early seventies, they had just built a new home, and she called it her "pastel" time in life, as all of her rooms were painted in soft colors.  I was so young, I didn't get it, and remember thinking her house was really bland,  but now I understand, she just wanted soft surroundings.    I thought of her this morning, I was eating breakfast, a low carb muffin that I had forgotten to put Splenda in, blecht, but anyway, Sam Champion was doing the weather, he is so bulked up he looks like he' going to pop out of his suit, then they have some country singer on.  OMG, he looked like the Michelin Tire Guy, and he was twanging and screeching, it was just annoying as hell!  Just give me Smooth Jazz and Sirius Escape Radio any day, it's so mellow.

And about that bulked up look, It's such a huge thing, these guys pumping iron until their muscles bulge.  I swear they remind me of Jethro Bodine.  My old(er) woman mentality equates body builders with less than bright guys, back in my day it was farm boys and definitely not the brainiac types that were bulked up.  




Nobody does physical labor anymore, instead they go to the gym to get that ripped look.  But you know what I've realized over the years,  It doesn't work long term.  You can work out until you drop, but you're still going to get old!  And old muscles aren't pretty, no matter how dedicated you are.

But seeing is believing, here are a couple of visuals for you.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, then, and now...



 I don't think younger people really get it, though, they're in denial of the aging process, and if you try to hang on, this is what happens.



Yep, you guessed it, Jethro Bodine, aka Max Baer, Jr. still trying to hold on.  Doesn't work, does it...


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