Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A very special treasure...


My friend, V, was visiting  last week and we were discussing our favorite things.  I told her that my favorite thing of hers was this vintage cow pitcher that she bought at an antique store in the 80's.

She replied, "it's just sitting in my cabinet, I'll give it to you."  OMG, she wanted to give me her prized pitcher!  You have to realize that V and I are really good friends, we don't have that, "oh, I can't accept this" filter, and so I accepted it greedily graciously.   At first I  gave her the halfhearted "I can't take your pitcher"  and then realized she really wanted me to have it and I really wanted to have it, too!

So we visited them on Saturday, and sure enough, she comes into the living room carrying that pitcher.  I was so thrilled, it's found a new home, front row and center on my entertainment center. 

It's wonderful, I love it, thank you thank you, V!  I'm so excited about this!!!


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