Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Why am I so nostalgic about all things country this summer?


I really don't understand what's going on with me, I'm totally enthralled with everything and anything that has to do with country this summer.  I see a porch swing and I want one, even though I don't have a porch!   I'm having a love affair with Ball Fruit Jars, of all things. even the sight of a cow in a pasture makes me smile.

Hubby takes me for drives in the country, I'm mesmerized by the cornfields, and the bales of hay in the fields leave me breathless.  Crocks and jugs, things I've had for years have taken on new meaning.   I look longingly at the striped iced tea glasses from the 50's, and I certainly don't need more glasses.  What is this all about?????

I went through the country decorating phase in the 80's, and I had a boatload of it, but then I burnt out and got rid of most of it.  Do I want any of  it back, no not really, so why am I so captivated?

Maybe it's a reminder of my younger days, when my sweet little boys were at home, or maybe I'm going all the way back to my childhood, or maybe I'm just a sentimental old fool.  Who knows, but no use fighting it.  I'm just going with the flow...


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