Friday, July 12, 2013

My Dynamite Crape Myrtle

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So last Easter John and Deanna gave me a crape myrtle tree.  We drove to all the nurseries, but  there were none to be found anywhere in Heavensville, t was the wrong time of the year, and it took me until mid summer to find one.  Hubby planted it, we've babied it, fertilized it and it's thriving.  It has a lot of new growth, it's full and lush,  it's all good.

Right?  Wrong!  The blasted thing has not one bloom on it.  All over the subdivision the crape myrtle are blooming their fool heads off.  My friend, Trisher, ordered the same variety from a nursery, they were tiny little twigs, but they're all thriving and blooming like crazy.

I'm frustrated beyond belief, my tree is the only one in the entire neighborhood that has no buds.  None!  I called the nursery, they told me all kinds of silly nonsense, because they don't know any more about it than I do.

I've Googled myself senseless, and everybody has a theory.  Not enough sun, not enough fertilizer, too much fertilizer, the wrong kind of fertilizer, yada yada yada!

And so I wait.  I put a styled border around this picture, hoping to make it more interesting since it has no gorgeous  blossoms.  This should be full of blooms right now, bright red, dynamite blooms.

This is what I read online today -

Aside from pruning and fertilizing, Crape Myrtle care is easy.  Water with the rest of your shrubs if extremely dry.  Otherwise get ready to enjoy the gorgeous flowers of your Dynamite Crape Myrtle Tree.

Well, I'm ready, I've been ready for a couple of weeks now.  Trust me, this tree is no dy-no-MITE.  Me thinks I have a dud...


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