Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Invisibelt Skinny, I'm thinking it's a good thing...


Do your pants sag in the seat?  Are you always tugging on them, yanking on them and pulling them up?  Well, I am, and I'm tired of it.  And heaven forbid I put on a belt and people see it, that is most unattractive at my age, well except for this gorgeous Peruvian hand embroidered belt that my buddy V has been eyeing up.

But back to my story.  I heard aboutt Invisibelts a few years back, bought them for my daughters-in-law for Christmas one year, but they weren't really a fan.  They were wide and rigid.  A few weeks ago I Googled them and of course they now have the new and improved Invisibelt Skinny, which is much  narrower and pliable.  So I bought it, yep, coughed up $22 for it on Amazon, and I bought the Plus size.

Oh, let's not even go there, but I didn't want it to be tight, I wanted plenty of room, cause it's adjustable, and yes, I could have probably squeezed my groaning body into the regular size, but I don't want to be miserable, I don't want any more muffin top than I already have, so I got the Plus size.  We're too hung up on size.  All of us are, we talk about that silly number like it's important.  We look a lot better when we buy things that fit instead of being a slave to a number, which is always too small in the first place!

Okay, off the soapbox, UPS delivered my new belt in two days thanks to my wonderful Amazon Prime, I took it out of the packaging, and it was a cheap thrill because I had to keep adjusting it smaller.  Isn't that a kick in the pants, it was worth $22 just to do that.  Whoo-hoo,  I know cr-azy...

And see what I mean, I just had to throw that in there that I adjusted it smaller.  Do you think if I would have had to adjust it larger that I would be talking about it on here? Of course not!   Well, maybe I would, since I don't have a filter.

But anyhow, Mikey here thinks she really likes this.  I haven't put it on and taken my capris for a spin yet, but let's hope no more saggy butt.  We shall see...

Interested, of course you are.  Here's the link. Take my advise, if you're in doubt about that size, order the Plus.  Nobody will know, nobody will care and your body will thank you.  *wicked grin*

You can go to Invisibelt's website, get the dimensions and measure your hips.  I don't really recommend you do that, it will undoubtedly make you cry and  put you in a mood for the rest of the day.  Trust me on this one, just order the Plus size!!!!


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