Thursday, July 11, 2013



Did you ever have a day that was so reminiscent of your childhood that you could almost reach out and touch it?  A day so bittersweet that the memory is almost painful?  That's what my day is like.

The weather in Heavensville is absolutely glorious.  Temps in the mid 80's, low humidity, it's a perfect summer day, a day that mother used to call "easy living."" Hubby and I were about and about on Milly, and the breeze, the sun, the clouds, it just took me all took me back to that simple life in the country.

Oh, how I loved sitting on the front porch, dressing my cats in doll clothes, drinking mother's sweet tea with a plate of warm cookies, fresh from the oven.  No worries, no problems, just a little girl living with nature and animals on a dusty country road.  There were so many summer days like today, the windows open, the clothes hanging on the line, WROY, the Tri-State Boomer playing on the radio in the kitchen.

It was so shady at our little house on the ditch, tree's surrounded the house, filtering the sun, it was just so simple, and so, so, so wonderful.

Sure takes me back...


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