Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Dial Gold Antibacterial Body Wash, it's NEW!!!


Oh, I get excited by the stupidest things, and this just made my day!  Mother's soap of choice was always a bar of Dial Gold.  I love the smell and the memories associated with it,  and use it occasionally, but I'm spoiled by body wash.  Its just a royal pain to use a bar of soap.  How lazy am I??? Ya, ya, I hear you, I know it's silly, but just telling it like it is...

So, today I was at WallyWorld, cruising the body wash aisle, and Bingo, there it was, sitting on a shelf, front row and center in front of me, NEW, DIAL GOLD BODY WASH!!!!

I may have to go take another shower just to take it for a spin.  Doesn't take much these days to excite this old(er) girl...


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