Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Tammy Did it Again, Another Great Video...

I like to think that Tammy and I are kindred spirits.  Oh quit rolling your eyes, I know she is drop dead gorgeous and I'm but a mere mortal, but she just calls to me.  I naturally follow her down the yellow brick road because the woman has so much knowledge,  but we do seem to gravitate to the same colors of makeup, and she messaged me and told me to buy MAC Bamboo shadow, and when I was in Lexington last weekend, I picked it up, and on a whim, I also bought Handwritten shadow.  

I've used MAC Saddle Shadow for a few years now, Lindsay (daughter-in-law) is a big fan as well.  So when I came home and watched Tammy's latest video, she used not only Bamboo, but Saddle and my newest purchase, Handwritten.  It's Karma, ladies, Karma!  

She also used a killer Laura Mercier Baked Bronze Blush that is calling to me, it will be my newest summer purchase, well that chubby Mayan Peach lipstick looks good, too and the MAC Peaches Blush ;o)  And I need more brushes!  Hubby is going to be so thrilled when he see's the bill for all of this. :o(

And now,  on with the show.  When you watch this video to the end, she has it all together with the hair, the makeup, the great jewelry, and you will be see the most beautiful fifty something lady ever.   Tammy is such a Wonder Woman when it comes to applying makeup, there is none better!   And I've said it before, and I'll say it again, there aren't very many women who would do these videos au naturel like she does.  Don't you just love real women!!!



Take a minute, subscribe to her YouTube channel, there are so many videos you can choose from, so much you can learn.  Whether you are twenty, forty or sixty +, Tammy can enlighten you with amazing makeup techniques, regardless of your age.

 Here's her click...


  1. Tammy... I absolutely love you,,,, you are one of the most sincere., honest, real and beautiful woman I know. I am addicted to your videos... You put a smile on my face on sad days... You have taught me sooo much... Keep doing what u do and know that this 43 year old from Quebec, Canada absolutely ADORES you!!!! Bisous!!!! ;). Xox. (Mary)

  2. I think she is amazing, as well. I've never seen anyone on line that even comes close to her. She is just such a special woman!!!


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