Sunday, January 6, 2013

Why maybe it's not such a great idea to wax your eyebrows yourself...


Now, I've been waxing my eyebrows for years with pretty good results.  I heat the wax in the wave, put on a blob with a q-tip, let it set, rip it off.  It works pretty good, not perfect, but good.  Well, once I did rip out a chunk of skin, but I won't go there. *blush*

So, me, being me, decided that I could do a "better" job if I used those little cloth strips.  So I trudge to Sally's, bought the  strips, come home and Friday I decided to give it a try.  Well, let's just say that every.single.time I do something like this, who appears magically in my bathroom??????  Hubby, yes, hubby!!!!!!!

It's like he has some kind of radar, the man will watch westerns in the den for hours, i never see him, and as soon as I start to do something like this, he shows up!  And I don't particularly like him hanging around when I do these "procedures" as he is usually full of advice, albeit, good advice, but not something I particularly need at the moment, and he makes me nervous as hell!

But before he arrived,  I had waxed my right eyebrow, then stuck the strip into the wax, now you can imagine what I looked like, bad, really bad, and just as I was putting  the q-tip to my left eyebrow, here  he comes.  Oh crap!  I saw him, got rattled, stopped midair with the q-tip in my hand and a big blop of wax dripped onto my eyelash and cheek.  "What happened," he said.  Arrughhhhhh, "it's no biggie" I told him, but this was what I didn't need at the moment,  hot wax on my face, and in my eyelashes.   Now I'm really rattled, and he continues to stand there, so when I put the wax under my brow, somehow some of it slid up, don't ask me how it slid up, I haven't a clue, onto my eyebrow.

By now I'm starting to get frantic, because I know that I have a major problem, so I go ahead and stick on that other piece of cloth, look up at him with those strips hanging over my eyes and shoo him out of there as fast as I can.

Now I go to work.  I was able to rip the wax off of my cheek, but it's attached firmly to my eyelashes, which are sparse anyway, so I take oil, and try to massage it out.  It worked pretty good, I didn't lose too many eyelashes, but the eyebrow was a whole other ballgame.

There was this big old blob of wax that wasn't going to come out with oil, no way, no how, and I was forced to peel it off, and of course all the hair on the side of my eyebrow came off with the wax, and now I'm left with half an eyebrow.

Geezy Pete, what a mess!  I was on the fence as to whether I should just put the wax on the other brow, peel it off to even them up, and just use eyebrow pencil to shape them, but there is nothing worse than an old(er) woman with penciled in eyebrows in a thin line.  Sooooooooo, I'm I'm applying my soft brown MAC eyeshadow with my angle brush, recreating the eyebrow, and thinking that as old as I am, the damn thing probably won't even grow back in.  You know how it is, at our age, hair only grows where we don't want it. =o(

Thank gawd for bangs.  Mine are long, and I'm sure as heck not getting them cut anytime soon.

It was all hubby's fault, it was.  He rattled me.  MEN SCHMEN!!!


  1. Rolling around laughing...I'm so sorry for your eyebrows !!!


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