Friday, December 21, 2012

The Magic of Belle Island

This is a little gem of a movie that I watched on Netflix last night.  Morgan Freeman is as smooth as slow running molasses, his co-star, Virginia Madsen’s acting was a bit stilted, but  little nine year old Emma Fuhmann stole the show.

It was such a good storyline, and worth your time just to watch Morgan Freeman.  If you’re a Netflix subscriber, put this one in your queue.  It’s really good…

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas Carols, Kids Gospel Quartet


This is so funny, the little black kid is hilarious!!!!  Just what we need tonight, a smile!

Maggie Moo aka...

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I was just checking Pioneer Woman's blog and she had just posted an entry about her dog Charlie's nicknames.  And since I'm such a Pioneer Woman groupie, and short on time this morning, Dorothy's  going to follow down the yellow brick road and do the same with Maggie.

The first picture is baby Maggie at four months, the second is one of my favorites of her all wrapped up in my hoodie, just look at that face!!!!

And now for her nicknames, because like Ree, I seldom call her by her real name, why do that when there are so many choices.  And her real name?  Margaret MooLatte, aka Maggie Moo, however, she also goes by...

* Maggin Waggin'
* Horse Feathers
* Punky Brewster 
* Snookums
* Shake 'n Bake
* Punkin Pot
* Majjin Wajjin* 
* Maga-Mooooooo, Dog of my Dreams 

And my favorite of all, "Little Dog Child"

That's a lot of names to give such a small dog. 

That is all...


It won't be long now...

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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Parfum and old women...


There is nothing in this world worse than heavy, sweet overpowering cologne, even worse when it's on an old women.  

I was in line today behind this lady that had on the most obnoxious, heaviest, cloying perfume ,  the smell was so overpowering it was nauseating.  It took me back to when I was a little girl and mother always wore Tabu, the most gawdawful perfume known to (wo)man.  I remember getting so car sick, especially in the winter when she would have the heater on full blast, that horrid  Tabu would just permeate the entire interior of the car and I would turn positively green!

Why do you always notice all of these heavy scents on old(er) women?  Is it because they've worn the same fragrance for years and years and haven't changed with the time?  All of the old perfume houses still sell the fragrances that were popular back in the day, but times have changed, perfumes have gotten lighter, they aren't overpowering like in the old days.  

Thank goodness for daughters-in-law who buy me trendy scents.  But even if they didn't, I wouldn't wear the heavy stuff.  Okay, one exception, I've always loved Chanel No. 5, but I haven't worn it in years, I wonder if I would even still like it.

I remember in the 90's, I was such a fan of Giorgio and Red, then came the new millennium and I transitioned to Calvin Klein and Clinique Happy.  And these days I'm enjoying Marc Jacobs, Daisy, a fragrance that Lindsay bought me last year.

So if you're stuck in a time warp with your fragrance, maybe it's time to rethink it, the person behind you in line will be so grateful.  


Our little “Elf on a Shelf”



I thought you might enjoy a smile this morning, Lindsay dubbed this picture, our very own “Elf on a Shelf”

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

All I want for Christmas is Seinfeld…


This one of my favorite pictures of baby Abby.  This little horse goes to bed with her every night, he’s ragged and worn now, he’s been her best friend for three years now,  and his name is Seinfeld.  When Abby is asked what she wants for Christmas this year, she says, “I want a new Seinfeld that is bright and sparkly.”

And so the search began, Seinfeld is actually a Carter’s Just One Year Plush Pony Horse with a Pink Saddle, and he’s been discontinued.  But I found one on eBay for the “bargain” price of $39, and of course her Daddy ordered it right away, he was just happy to find one.   I asked her what else she wanted Santa to bring her and she said, “That’s all I want, Grammie, Seinfield is enough for me.”

Oh, sweet little Granddaughter, are you ever in for an awakening on Christmas morning.  I can’t wait for her to open her presents, she is going to be so excited, but I suspect that her “bright and sparkly” Seinfeld will be her favorite gift of all.

Christmas through a child’s eyes, it’s pure magic…

Note:  I should add that Abby is not actually staring at the horse, she’s staring at the television in this picture, and guess what she’s watching?  Seinfield, thus the name.  Just wanted to clear that up.  Winking smile

I Think You Might Like It, Olivia Newton John & John Travolta

No, I don’t actually like it, that’s the name of the video.  They reunited to make this video for charity, which is always a good thing, but as for the video itself, ummmmm, lets just say that you can’t really go home again.  His goatee and spray painted looking hair just aren’t cutting it.  She was always a pretty lady, still is.  Guess I’m jut not much of a Travolta fan in light of all the gay bath house allegations that have surfaced this past year.  I do like the car, however, it’s the original version of my  Tootie…

Always a critic, Jan, always a critic, but don’t take my word for it, give it a watch and see what you think.  The reviews have not been kind….

Older Women, has our time passed?


Oh, I hope not, but I have to wonder. 

Martha Stewart is seventy-one years old now, network television cancelled her show a few years ago, then she went to Hallmark, which was a huge deal, she had several hours of programming daily, but they cancelled her, as well.  Even Oprah, who a few years ago could do no wrong, has lost her luster now that she's fifty-eight years old.  Obviously, television audiences aren't interested in senior women and the ratings just aren't there to support them.  Never mind that older women in all walks of life have so much knowledge, it's sad that it isn't always recognized,  there is so much that could be contributed.  

One of my favorite celebrities, Cristina Ferrare is back on the Hallmark Channel, co-hosting Home & Family.  She's still beautiful at sixty-two, and has so much to offer, I hope that Hallmark realizes what a jewel the woman is and takes good care of her. 

I'm in my  sixties, and I'm fascinated with women in their eighties and nineties.  They are a wealth of information, they're witty and fun, and I respect their knowledge and their ability to live in the moment, I learn so much from them.  But perhaps it took age and wisdom of my own for me to appreciate them.   I don't see the years on their faces and bodies,  I look past that that and see what's inside.

Oh, older women could make this world a better place, given the chance, but of course that isn't going to be, so we just observe, and understand, far more than we sometimes are given credit for.

Just some provoking thoughts for you this sunny Tuesday afternoon.  

Monday, December 17, 2012

The best Christmas dinner…


I’ve made beef tenderloin with mushroom wine sauce for years.  Ryan is making it for Christmas this year, he couldn’t find his recipe, I found it and posted it on Jan CAN Cook, so we’ll always have it.

If you’re looking for something really special, this is it ladies.  You don’t have to use a whole beef tenderloin, you can marinade steaks and bake them in this sauce.

Here’s the quick link for you.  You won’t go wrong with this, it’s wonderful.


Sunday, December 16, 2012

Last Minute Christmas Presents…


If we weren’t limiting our gifts this year, my daughters-in-law would so be getting earrings from Stella & Dot.  But, sadly, I’m already over my limit, so I have to pass on this idea, but perhaps some of you are still scrambling for girl gift ideas.

They’re on eBay for great prices – here’s a link to the earring section

And here’s a link to their overall selections

And if you’re old(er) like Moi, you may not be familiar with Stella & Dot.  It’s a very trendy line of jewelry, lots of celebrities wear their line, they have really pretty things, really pretty things…

Darn those spending  limits anyway  Annoyed  Maybe next year, girls  Winking smile

Jan’s Little Makeup Tip…


I love, love, love, Revlon ColorStay Makeup for Combination/Oily Skin.  My daughter-in-law, Deanna, introduced it to me a few years ago, it doesn’t wear off, you don’t get a shiny forehead, the price is right, it’s such a good deal.  You have to be careful when you buy it, though, because some of them now say 24 Hour on the top of the lid.  That’s not the right one, the one we like looks just like this picture.

So anyway, I’m putting on my makeup, realizing, once again, that I had forgotten to buy  my  (Fresh Beige) base, my bottle is empty, I’m pounding it against the palm of my hand, and of course, nothing is coming out!

It’s just one of those mornings, but then I had a Christmas Miracle.  My brain actually engaged!!!  Quick, before I forgot what the miracle was, I grabbed my blow dryer, aimed that sucker at the the bottom of the bottle still upside in my palm and blasted it!  Sure enough, it started to drip, drip, drip, the last traces of the elusive liquid puddled in my palm.

I was estatatic!  Why had I never thought of this before?  And WHY didn’t I pick up a new bottle while I was out this afternoon. Why????????

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