Saturday, January 7, 2012

Does this sound familiar?


Bigelow Vanilla Chai Tea, it’s amazing…


Deanna tucked packets of this tea in my Christmas stocking, and I have been enjoying it with a splash of Fat Free Half and Half, but apparently never in the evening.  However, last night it seemed like a good idea, and I had a mug about 8pm.

Fast forward to 1:30 am, still wide awake, tossing and turning.  I just Googled the tea, it has caffeine.  Just another thing to mark off my list in the evening.  Let’s see now, no greasy food, no spicy food, now no Chai Tea, what’s left??? 

I know what you’re all thinking, the obvious, salad.  Shut yo moufs, wimmen, shame on you!!! 

Monday, January 2, 2012

Salad In A Jar Review….

Oh-oh, here I go again, gushing about that Salad-In-a-Jar, but it’s time for an update.  Despite the fact that my friends think I’m a bona-fide fruit-loop, and my family groans and rolls their eyes,  I ignore everyone and continue to be in awe of not only making salads that last for a week or more, but sealing other things as well in my Ball jars.

A few more tweaks include:

  • Not adding spinach, it makes the salad bitter, I now prefer just romaine, iceberg, carrots, celery and radishes. 
  • I continue to freeze in jars.  It’s a throwback to when I was a child.  Mother always used glass jars to freeze things, she also froze her fish and chicken in water to preserve freshness, but of course now that I use a FoodSaver to seal the jars, this isn’t necessary.
  • I’m using it for lots of dry products, as well, including cereal and popcorn.
  • I always have problems with big jars of applesauce molding before we eat it, so now I put applesauce in a sealed quart jar in the fridge and have no problems.
  • Same with salsa.  I seal it, store it in the refrigerator and don’t worry about opening a jar and seeing mold on the lid.  It’s a beautiful thing ;o)

Obviously, I could go on and on, and I do, but it’s just so amazing, the things you can find to seal in jars.  Hubby loves auctions, I hate them, so he goes and brings me home all kinds of things.  Last week it was three dozen wide mouth Ball quart jars, and a dozen and a half half pint jars, all new in boxes, never opened, for the grand total of $15!  I was so excited, now I have enough jars to redo my pantry and store all kinds of things, which no doubt you will hear about, and my friends will just shake their heads and my family will once again groan and roll their eyes, but hey, it works for me!

If you’ve stumbled on this blog and are clueless about what I’m talking about, you can read about my sealing obsession here and here and here.  If you’re interested, read all of the posts, as I started out using onions and green peppers, and quickly found out that didn’t work, and I address it in the later posts.

And my blackeyed pea casserole from my last post, the leftovers are in pint jars, all sealed, labeled and ready to go into the freezer for a quick meal.  I know, I know, I’m such a nerd…

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