Wednesday, December 12, 2012


The woman is a treasure, oh is this a fun thing I have to share with all of you today.  I was messing around on the computer one night a few weeks ago, looking for ah-hem, “older women” videos, and I stumbled upon Tammy and I instantly could relate to the things she was talking about.

Now Miss Tammy, as she calls herself, is a wild and crazy girl.  She’s in her early fifties,  a lovely woman who shares skincare, makeup tips, hair, diet, snippets of her life on her 225+ YouTube videos.  She used to be a cosmetologist and makeup artist, and she shares wonderful tips, especially with her eye makeup.  Plus she uses MAC cosmetics, which are near and dear to most of our hearts, oh you will learn such good things watching her eye videos.

The woman is addictive.  When I first started watching  I didn’t quite get her, but the more I watched the more I liked.  She’s so real, thinks nothing of doing her videos sans makeup, she shares great information, has had no plastic surgery, and often talks in a wacky accent.  She’s just a good time gal, that crazy Miss Tammy.  And the woman is beautiful, inside and out.

So, here’s one of her videos, subscribe to her YouTube Channel, then when you’re bored and have nothing to do, watch a few of her videos and see if you, too, don’t become addicted.  She has a lovely home, a great dog, Bindi, her husband Lou, who is never seen, but whom she is adores, she’s just so much fun.  Pinky swear she is, and you know I always share the good stuff.

Enjoy… ~ Jan

Here’s a list of all of her videos…

Give the lady a chance, watch a few of her videos and see if you don’t get hooked. She’s just a breath of fresh air, I always look forward to her newest posts.


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