Friday, December 14, 2012

There are times in our life when there is little joy…


This is one of those days, I simply cannot bear to watch any more television footage of the horrible crime this man committed, killing those innocent little children.  My friend, Mary, posted the following to her Facebook wall.  Well said, my friend…

“I realize that folks of a certain age lament the loss of a more innocent time and feel the world is going to rack and ruin. So it has been for generations---I now feel that this is so. The horror seen in Connecticut today is but one example of the ruin of our society. For those families who kissed their children goodbye this morning not realizing they were kissing their innocence goodbye, profound evil found you this day. I'm so heartbroken for all of you. Thinking of my own grandchildren and being thankful they are safe. May Peace find you in time and may the perpetrators of this horrific crime burn in hell!!!”


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