Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Older Women, has our time passed?


Oh, I hope not, but I have to wonder. 

Martha Stewart is seventy-one years old now, network television cancelled her show a few years ago, then she went to Hallmark, which was a huge deal, she had several hours of programming daily, but they cancelled her, as well.  Even Oprah, who a few years ago could do no wrong, has lost her luster now that she's fifty-eight years old.  Obviously, television audiences aren't interested in senior women and the ratings just aren't there to support them.  Never mind that older women in all walks of life have so much knowledge, it's sad that it isn't always recognized,  there is so much that could be contributed.  

One of my favorite celebrities, Cristina Ferrare is back on the Hallmark Channel, co-hosting Home & Family.  She's still beautiful at sixty-two, and has so much to offer, I hope that Hallmark realizes what a jewel the woman is and takes good care of her. 

I'm in my  sixties, and I'm fascinated with women in their eighties and nineties.  They are a wealth of information, they're witty and fun, and I respect their knowledge and their ability to live in the moment, I learn so much from them.  But perhaps it took age and wisdom of my own for me to appreciate them.   I don't see the years on their faces and bodies,  I look past that that and see what's inside.

Oh, older women could make this world a better place, given the chance, but of course that isn't going to be, so we just observe, and understand, far more than we sometimes are given credit for.

Just some provoking thoughts for you this sunny Tuesday afternoon.  


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