Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Haters Guide to the Williams Sonoma Catalog, Great Spoof!

Okay people, I realize my stupid Grateful Journals are no longer funny, but this, this is funny!  My sassy daughter-in-law, Lindsay, sent me this link this morning and I’m sitting here laughing so hard, I just had to share this!

Now, you all know that I’m a total Williams Sonoma groupie, but this just cracked me up!

So here’s an excerpt, and the link to read it, enjoy…


Williams-Sonoma says: "Baked by trappist monks at a monastery in the Missouri Ozarks. Order early. Supply is limited."


Notes from Drew: Everything about that sales copy just blew my skull. There are trappist monks in the Ozarks? Do they brew artisanal meth? I don't trust fruitcake to begin with. I sure as shit am not trusting fruitcake that comes from a redneck friar. They'll swap out uppers for candied fruit. And yet, supply is limited. Apparently, the market for $40 Ozark fruitcake is ENORMOUS. White women from Bridgehampton ALL THE WAY to Westhampton rely on the monks to deliver their holiday fruitcake every year. Ina Garten's ADORABLE HUSBAND JEFFREY WHO MAKES A LOT OF MONEY loves the sight of a fine white-trash-monk fruitcake any time he comes home. TIE IT UP WITH THE TWINE!

Read the entire article, here!  Good job, Deadspin!


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