Sunday, October 7, 2012

Some days, make that YEARS, it’s a struggle just to zip your jeans…


Every spring and fall, it’s the samo bitch.  I get on here and rant about switching out my closet!  And let’s face it, it’s not the switching that I detest, it’s the fact that most . of . the . closet . doesn’t . fit ! And you all probably are all sick to death of me talking about it, it’s like a bi-annual ritual for me, to whine about it.

I always swear that I’m going to throw it all in the trash, and then I don’t.  I just stuff all those clothes in there that I never wear and try and forget about it.  Why do I do this??? Year . after . year . after . year . after . year !!!   For gawds sake, Jan, they sell this crap at the store, why hang onto it?  But it seems like every single time I take the proverbial deep breath and pitch things, it isn’t a week later until I want something I’ve thrown away.  I have jeans in every size I’ve worn since kindergarten, and I didn’t even go to kindergarten!  I don’t, however, have mom jeans, those things were gone with the wind ages ago.

So is this the year, will I finally take a deep breath and give it the ole’ heave ho???  I should just replace everything in there with yoga pants and thermal t-shirts, my uniform of choice in the winter.  Just have one pair of jeans, a sweater and a vest for when I actually do go someplace and that’s it.  Wouldn’t that be a freeing experience? 

Shoes aren’t so much of a problem, because with no feet, you tend to not go shoe crazy.  All of mine have to be the same heel height, I seem to gravitate to BORN, it’s a brand that works well for me, and I like the boho look of them.  And I have boots, I love boots, I’ll always wear them, but all in all, it’s not the shoes that give me fits.  Duh, Jan, it’s only because your shoe size never changes.  HELLO!!!!!!!!

I’m not feeling particularly in the mood to do this today, so all the crates of winter clothes are sitting in my bedroom.  Scarlett is definitely going to worry about this tomorrow or maybe even Tuesday!
And if I get a wild hare, and throw it all away, I will definitely let you know. Punk


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