Monday, October 8, 2012

10 things on my to do list this fall…

  1. Well, I was going to decorate the front of the condo, I was. Thinking smile
  2. Bake an apple pie, topped with cinnamon ice cream.  But I’m eating healthy. Confused smile
  3. Get an early start on my Christmas shopping.  This hasn’t happened yet. Shifty
  4. Get Maggie’s teeth cleaned.  But it scares me for her to go under. Crying face
  5. Seriously clean out my closet, but I talked about that yesterday. Smile with tongue out
  6. Ditto on organizing my jewelry. Embarrassed smile
  7. Steam clean the grout on my stone floors, okay, have hubby steam clean it.Winking smile
  8. Can a batch of Chow Chow.  I adore Chow Chow.  No green tomatoes. Steaming mad
  9. Redecorate my dining room table.  Yes, I decorate the table.  Weird I know. Annoyed
  10. Try a new hairstyle.  Nah… Flirt female

Well, this isn’t working out too well is it! Sleepy smile Big surprise, NOT! Eye rolling smile


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