Thursday, September 20, 2012

Vintage Comic Book Ad for Miniature Dog


As a child of the 50’s/60’s, I spent my days after school in the local drugstore, where mother worked.  As a result, I read every comic book, Hollywood magazine, etc. that was available.  There was a huge rack of comics and magazines, and I just sat in a booth, drinking mother’s hand shaved iced fountain cherry cokes, eating Fritos and reading.

I would see these ads for miniature “teacup” dogs in comic books and just drool.  Oh, I thought they were just wonderful.  As a result, I did have a 10 lb. “chihuahua” I named Speedy Gonzales, who wasn’t exactly teacup size, but it was the best mother could do.

And this morning, here I sit, with sweet Maggie sleeping in my lap.  She may not be teacup, but she’s only five pounds, and to me that’s just perfect.

I also wanted a horse badly when I was growing up, but I gave up on that dream a few years ago.  But there is a pasture in front of our condo with horses in it, and l, I can gaze at them out my window or walk over and give them an apple or a carrot,  I do enjoy that.  And so I’ve learned, life is about compromise, sometimes the childhood dreams we have aren’t a reality, but we can adjust them a bit and it’s good enough.

Now wasn’t that profound???


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