Wednesday, September 19, 2012

I’m on a rant this morning about consumer products, or lack thereof!

Why do manufacturers have to mess with products, quit making good products, alter products, why???  The newer generations doesn’t even know about the good stuff we’ve used all the years, they’re too busy buying into the hype of trying all kinds of new products. I’m old enough now that I’ve seen a lot of change, and I’m not happy about it either! 

safeguardMy favorite Safeguard Soap is nowhere to be found, They quit carrying it in the mainstream stores, but I could still find it at Dollar Tree, but now even they have stopped stocking it.  It was the best, had the greatest smell, but of course something newer and better came along and it got left in the dust.

joyAnd then there is dishwashing detergent.  I’m a lemon girl, I don’t want to smell apples, or mountain breezes, or Dawn anything, when I use dishwashing detergent, I want a blast of fresh lemon smell.  Well, back in the day Joy was the big guy on the block.  Now the stores stock about five bottles of it, and it doesn’t smell like it used to.

But I did try Gain Lemon this past week, and I love it, finally a nice fresh, strong lemon smell.  Just thought I would tell you all about it.


I’m also upset about ketchup.  I grew up eating Brooks Ketchup.  Oh, it was so spicy, so wonderfully tangy, it had a little heat, it was amazing.  Same problem, you can’t find it and if you do, the taste is watered down.  Why???


Just look at this vintage picture of Brooks Catsup, isn’t it awesome, isn’t it wonderful?  Oh, what I wouldn’t give for a bottle of this again.  But of course, they’ve not only screwed up the recipe, but they’ve changed the bottle, if you do happen to find Brooks Catsup, it doesn’t look like it used to anymore, now it looks like this!


This looks wrong, people, wrong!  Gone is the neat looking bottle, replaced with this generic looking one, no wonder nobody buys the stuff anymore.  It just frosts my cake, seriously!

Even apples haven’t stayed the same.  A few years ago everybody jumped on the Granny Smith bandwagon.  They were so hyped, everybody was using Granny Smith apples to cook with.  I’ve never been a fan of the sour, tart Granny Smith’s, I don’t like cooking with them, I don’t even like the way they look, they’re unnatural!  And now, there are all of the designer varieties of apples, Honey Crisp, Gala, Fuji, JonaGold, JonaMac, so many choices it makes your head spin.


What’s wrong with the old ones? My very favorite are Golden Delicious, or Jonathan or Winesap or Rome.  I still like these best.  But Red Delicious, I hate!  They’re even worse than Granny Smith.  Sure they’re pretty, but they’re mealy and tasteless!  Why don’t they get rid of those, but oh no, every convenience store in America has Red Delicious apples by the checkout counter.  Why???

Wow, I sure have issues this morning, don’t I?  Well, it just honks me off!  I think I’m going to fire off some emails to companies.  But that’s useless, too!  I have, after all, been emailing Trader Joes monthly for years now begging them to come to Heavensville, and they haven’t!  They don’t even respond to my emails.  TRAITOR JOES!!!!!!!!!


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