Thursday, August 16, 2012

She simply amazes me…


Abby:  A hexagon has six sides Grammie

Grammie:  Duh, okay, yes, it does


Abby:  If we had a rocket ship, we could blast through the clouds, Grammie.  We could go all the way to outer space.

Grammie:  Yes, we certainly could.

Abby:  What is outer space, Grammie?

Grammie:  Uh, it’s beyond the clouds, uh, it’s, ummmmmm…

Grammie thinking, oh I need to Google this! 


Abby:  This is my Baaabie Plane, Grammie

Grammie:  (finally, something I can understand)  Yes, Abbie, Grammie had a Barbie Doll when she was a little girl.

Abby:  Saying nothing, looking confused….


However, when she gets in her car and takes off, her Grammie gene kicks in immediately.


She pushes on the gas, guns it, and she’s off.  But instead of steering it down the road, and looking straight ahead, she’s busy tuning in her radio, playing with her gears, doing everything but looking where she’s going.  So she runs off in the grass, and then Daddy has to give her a tow, with her wheels spinning as she tries to get traction.


She and Maggie are buddies now.  She's taking her “Pal” on a little ride.


Such joy, this little child just rocks Grammie’s world.


And little Ben is such an angel.  We’re still trying to figure out who he looks like.  He looks nothing like Abby as a baby, I see a lot of Ryan in him, and hopefully, Lindsay’s lips. 


And here’s their pretty little Mama, five days after Ben’s birth, sitting in the floor playing with Abby and her dollhouse.

Grammie is very, very blessed…

And yes, I do realize I’m gushing.  It’s what Grammie’s do, they gush about the grandkids…


  1. Oh my gosh, she's SO CUTE and so smart! And baby Ben is beautiful! He really does look like an angel! I used to have a Cadillac just like Abby's, LOL; only mine was white; an Allante and I LOVED it! Too cute! And Maggie looks like she's having fun too; your pics are just so adorable!


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