Thursday, August 16, 2012

I got the most amazing necklace in the mail…


I have a friend from Oklahoma, Holly.  She somehow made her way to my blog and emailed me a couple of years ago.  Holly and I have a lot in common and we became fast friends, emailing back and forth often.  She’s used some of my gardening ideas, including the micro irrigation and straw bale gardening with good luck.

She knows I love turquoise, and when we got home from Ryan’s there was a package in the mail.  She made this gorgeous piece of jewelry ladies, She . made . it !  I’m in awe, it’s absolutely decadently fantastic, and the best part, it has a magnetic closure, easy on and easy off.

I’m going to have hubby take me to see that new Meryl Streep, Tommy Lee Jones movie this weekend.  I do believe, Miss Holly, that I will take my new necklace for a spin.

I know you’re all drooling, I know you are.  I’m a lucky woman to have a friend like Holly.

Awesome necklace, absolutely awesome!


  1. OH Jan! How beautiful! Now, I am going to tell you right now that you must wear all white and that necklace will be the STAR of the day! Magnetic closures are wonderful, aren't they? Except, awhile ago, I got a beautiful beaded necklace from my dad and stepmom and thought it was a barrel closure (one of those that you twist to undo)....and I BROKE one of the strands on the necklace! It was a magnetic closure, boohoo! And wouldn't you know, all the bead stores in Napa are gone. I need to remember to put it in my car to take to my mom's; there's one over there that hopefully can repair it! I LOVE your new jewelry though!


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