Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Homemade cleaning solution with alcohol and Prell Shampoo


A homemade cleaning solution using alcohol and Prell Shampoo that you make yourself, and it’s inexpensive and works great!

Sounds too good to be true, but my friend, Barb, is swearing by this.  She visited a friend and said her wood floors looked amazing.  The lady told her she threw away all her cleaning products and uses this mixture on countertops, appliances, windows, bathroom fixtures, and yes, wood floors.

I haven’t had time to try it, I did call my friend, Krista, that cleans for me and told her about it.  It will be interesting to hear what she thinks.


Here’s the mixture:

1 pint rubbing alcohol
2 tablespoons Prell Shampoo (can be hard to find, but they have it at Dollar General)
A gallon milk jug

Put the alcohol and Shampoo in the gallon milk jug and fill with water.  That’s it, then just fill a squirt bottle and you’re good to go.

Now go wash those windows, and see how this works for you.

~ Jan


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